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2018 Annual Report


DEADLINE for the next issue of The Parascope
The deadline for all submissions for the September-October 2017 issue of The Parascope is 15 August. Thanks to Bill and Jean Jakovac who tab and label the copies for mailing, to Beth Carmona, who maintains the mailing list and prints a fresh one prior to mailing, and to Diane Byrnes, who not only collects most of the routine reports and makes sure they are in electronically-editable condition, assembles the bulk mailing for the U.S. Postal Service–a complicated task!

Scroll down for the current and recent past electronic versions of The Parascope. The July-August edition is now available by e-mail on request.  In order to speed your download, we have created these files in medium resolution. If you would like a high-resolution copy, please call the office–412-781-2474. Spot an error? We would like to know if you do.

Recent Keystone PVA publications are now available online. If you currently receive The Parascope by USPS (regular delivered mail) and would like to receive it electronically instead, please send us an e-mail or phone the office, 800-775-9323.

If you have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader on your computer, you will be able to view and print out publications such as our Annual Report and the bi-monthly newsletter, The Parascope.


2017 Annual Report (File Size: 1.00MB)

2016 Annual Report (File Size: 1.00MB)

2015 Annual Report (File size: 1.00MB)

2014 Annual Report (File size: 1.60MB)

2013 Annual Report (File size: 1.29MB)

2012 Annual Report (File size: 1.52MB)

2011 Annual Report (File size: 1.48MB)

2010 Annual Report (File size: 1.39MB)

2009 Annual Report (File size: 1.17MB)

2008 Annual Report (File size: 1.02MB)

Copies of The Parascope currently available on-line:


November-December 2018 (file size: 3.4MB)

September-October 2018 (file size: 2.8MB)

July-August 2018 (file size: 3.4MB)

May-June 2018 (file size: 2.6MB)

March-April 2018 (file size: 2.7MB)

January-February 2018 (file size: 3.1MB)

September-October 2014 (File size: 4.68MB)
July-August 2014 (File size: 4.66MB)
May-June 2014 (File size: 4.00MB)
March-April 2014 (File size: 3.61MB)
January-February 2014 (File size: 3.50MB)
November-December 2013 (File size: 4.18MB)
September-October 2013 (File size: 4.39MB)
July-August 2013 (File size: 3.96MB)
May-June 2013 (File size: 3.96MB)
March-April 2013 (File size: 4.12MB)
January-February 2013 (File size: 2.54MB)
November-December 2012 (File size: 3.13MB)
September-October 2012 (File size: 3.00MB)
July-August 2012 (File size: 3.13MB)
May-June 2012 (File size: 2.21MB)
March-April 2012 (File size: 3.84MB)
January-February 2012 (File size: 2.40MB)
November-December 2011 (File size: 2.77MB)
September-October 2011 (File size: 3.86MB)
July-August 2011 (File size: 2.86MB)

You can DOWNLOAD and PRINT these publications.

If you would like us to send you a printed copy of those listed above, or if you would like a copy of an issue from past years, call us at 800-775-9323 or 412-781-2474. We’ll mail one to you.