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Sailing on the Hudson River in 2022

In 2021 Hudson River Community Sailing (HRCS) launched an Adaptive Sailing program to work with people living with a range of disabilities. Through partnerships with a number of organizations HRCS are getting a diverse group of participants on the water! Check out this video to learn more about Adaptive Sailing at HRCS.

A Keystone Chapter PVA Member, William Hoffman, participated as a member of a crew during a number of sailing outings. The organization offers opportunities in so many areas. William, wanting to be better prepared before hitting the water, participated in an online course covering names of vessel parts and apparatus, as well as rules and regulations for nautical operations. Staff assisted with transfers and ensured he was secure, safe, and an active crew member. William shares “This is a wonderful presentation about the services HRCS provides. The director, Don Rotzien, is incredibly open and engaging to bring out the best in every individual. I am thankful to be a part of this delightful community”.

An activity all individuals, including those with disabilities, may enjoy experiencing.

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