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2021 Annual Report (In Parascope)

This annual report covers the fiscal year from 01 October 2020 through 30 September 30, 2021.

Immediately before and after this specific period of time, we lost valued Board members and past presidents Jerry “Bull’’ Baylor (August 2020) and James Riemer (October 2021). Jim was a chapter president and held several other important posts over his 28 years of membership, including treasurer and national director. Jim was quiet, but his actions spoke of his commitment to the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, and his integrity as he helped the chapter navigate from near insolvency to relative financial comfort, and through financial challenges that have resulted in conservative but productive investments.

Due to the restrictions from the COVID-19 our volunteer members have not been able to visit our fellow veterans as they normally would. But in some of the VA hospitals some activities are still available to the veterans with some modifications, and we are providing support for them. Activities such as bingo games and pizza parties are still being maintained in the Erie, Altoona and Lebanon VA medical centers.

(Annual Report begins on Page 10)

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