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Policy on photography at Keystone PVA meetings and events

All persons attending any meeting or event sponsored and/or organized by the Keystone Paralyzed Veterans of America may be photographed for descriptive, informational, or promotional purposes. Photographs used may appear in The Parascope, the Keystone PVA web site, or on the Keystone PVA’s exhibition displays (posterboards used to promote the chapter at events), among other places. Keystone PVA assumes that an attendee has given consent, by virtue of his or her attendance, for the chapter to use his or her image for the purposes listed above. Keystone PVA may share these photos with the national Paralyzed Veterans of America for similar purposes. Any person may deny use of his or her image at the time of the event by informing both the photographer and an official of the Keystone PVA. Any person may deny post-event use of his or her image by submitting denial in writing to President, Keystone PVA, 1113 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15215-2407, or by fax, 412-781-2659.

Policy regarding Keystone PVA reporting on public elected officials

Keystone PVA has been granted non-profit status by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is categorized under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. As a condition of this status and category, Keystone PVA does not take any action or position on the election of any person to any public office at any level of government. No member, volunteer or staff person may use the resources of Keystone PVA to promote such election. Any mention or photo of a public elected official in any communication of Keystone PVA is for informational purposes and in the context of that public elected official’s incumbency only. It is the intention of Keystone PVA to avoid the mention or use of images of any public elected official within 60 days of any public election in which he or she is a candidate. The appearance or mention of a public elected official who is also a candidate for public office in any communication of the Keystone PVA does not constitute endorsement by Keystone PVA. The appearance or mention of any member, volunteer or staff person of the Keystone PVA in any communication of a candidate for public office does not constitute endorsement of the candidate by the Keystone Paralyzed Veterans of America. Members, volunteers and staff persons of Keystone PVA have been counseled to avoid situations in which their presence or commentary may be misconstrued as endorsement or support by Keystone PVA.

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