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Travel With Dignity – 2023 Contest Winners

A huge thanks to all who participated in the 2023 PVA Poem and Poster Contest For on the topic of “Travel with Dignity”. The Contest was judged by 3 professors from the Erie County Community College.

Lucy 0.
from Hopewell Elementary School

Gracey D. from Hopewell Elementary School

Overall Poem Winner
Grant E.
from Belle Vernon Middle School

The Enemy

Many soldiers have experienced
Hardships, war and turmoil.
But for paralyzed veterans,
Air travel is one battle they still fight.

Airport security,
Inaccessible paths,
III fitting seats,
Steep ramps.

Soldiers, tired of fighting.
These veterans pledged to defend our freedom and independence.
We should preserve theirs.
They deserve better.
Wheelchairs are not the enemy.

5th & 6th Grade Poem Winner
Ava B.
from Chartier’s Valley Intermediate School

Fly You to Dignity

I carried you to war,
You boarded me with pride.
You can’t proceed through the aisle now,
Your wheelchair is too wide.
I wish I knew how you must feel,
That I’m built for people to walk not wheel.
I want to help you,
Fly you to dignity and pride,
But everyone says I have a one and only job,
And that’s not to be considerate but just for me to glide.

7th & 8th Grade Poem Winner
Brooklyn A.
from Belle Vernon Middle School

Travel is fun.
Is it equitable for everyone?
Like veterans or wheelchair occupants,
Is it fun for them and fair?

Airplanes have small entrances.
Can they expand?
For better accessibility
For honor and feeling worthy

Worrying about getting on a plane,
Makes travel less enjoyable,
Give them dignity, not stress
For veterans and wheelchair occupants

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