Gary Kirkendall at the 2014 National Veterans Wheelchair Games

Golden performances
at the National Veterans
Wheelchair Games

Photo at left: Gary Kirkendall lifts 245 lbs. to win gold in his division.

Keystone PVA's 17 wheelchair athletes brought back a total of 69 medals from the 34th annual National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Philadelphia during the week of 11 August. In the photo, Gary Kirkendall is one of five of our 17 athletes who won medals in weightlifting. A complete medal summary is in the September-October edition of the chapter's bi-monthly newsletter, the Parascope, which you can have mailed to you or you can download from this page.

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You helped Keystone PVA win this Toyota Sienna Mobility van!

And we have used that van to serve paralyzed veterans, including their visits to members of Congress in March. Your vote pushed us WAY over the top! It is so gratifying to know that paralyzed veterans have so many helpful friends.

2012 Toyota Sienna Mobilty van
And now, here's the Toyota Sienna Mobility van! It was presented at Rohrich Toyota in Pittsburgh on 05 February. Rorhich Toyota General Manager Mark Podrosky welcomed members of Keystone PVA. His staff and Don and Ed Shelpman of Keystone Coach Works, which modified the van with the power ramp and other wheelchair-friendly accessories, were there to show us all of the controls and how to use them.

We also thank Tori Mistick of Social Media Marketing, who helped promote the event, and took the photos shown here.

Inside the Toyota Sienna



In the photo left, Don Shelpman showed guests from Keystone chapter how the auxiliary power to the ramp works. On behalf of Keystone Coach Works, Don and his brother Ed presented a generous cash donation to Keystone Chapter, which will help defray additional costs of getting the transportation program up and running.

Persons interested in volunteering to drive should contact the office, 412-781-2474, and ask for Joe Dornbrock.

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