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Job Opening – Administrative Assistant

Job Opening

Keystone Chapter
Paralyzed Veterans of America
Administrative Assistant

Location: Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday (Overtime and odd hours VERY seldom.)  Contact: Joe Dornbrock, executive director, 412-781-2474.

Tasks include

  • Support membership application and termination processes, maintaining membership files and producing periodic membership reports.  Prepare business cards for members in leadership.
  • Maintain all membership, mailing, and email lists.
  • Organize PVA Poster and Poem Contest. Invite schools to participate; process submissions; organize the judging; prepare awards’ schedules award presentations.
  • Schedule Congressional office visits. Arranging for members to visit with members of Congress over two days in March every year. Supporting follow-up reporting and thank-yous.
  • Prepare documents, including instructions and ballots, for annual Board of Directors election.
  • Support member-athletes’ participation in the annual National Veterans Wheelchair Games.  Schedule airline flights and lodging for week-long events held in different cities each year.
  • Supporting the preparations for the Annual Awards Banquet.  Prepare and mail invitations and prize request letters and emails.   Insure that all arrangements for the location are made.
  • Support Kennywood Park Picnic.  Update invitations; order tickets and food.
  • Support preparations for the Bass Tournaments.  Get registration form updated and out to participants.  Insure prizes are delivered to winners.
  • Order and distribute apparel for chapter members (shirts, hats, jackets, etc).
  • Processing some content for the bi-monthly newsletter.
  • Coordinate document production and mailing for monthly Board of Directors meeting.
  • Day-to-day duties include providing general office support, especially answering the phone, sending and responding to (some) e-mail, processing the postal mail, sending packages and other mailings to members, and doing minor janitorial tasks (vacuuming, emptying trash, keeping work surfaces clean and clear, etc.).

Skill expectations

  • Ability to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, QuarkXPress, Google search, Google email, Google Contacts, WordPerfect (only for label production), Xfinity email, Zoom video, and Facebook.  Expectations include excellent telephone communications: unfailingly friendly and businesslike with all callers, many of whom will receive their first impression of paralyzed veterans by how staff answers the phone, and many inquirers who do not quite understand what it is that the organization does.  Excellent typing skills for both documents (word processing) and data entry (updating spreadsheets and files online).  Excellent interpersonal skills.  Able to shift gears quickly among document management, working with other staff people, and members.  Willing to work with the limitations and abilities of the members who volunteer their time to work for the chapter.  A duty of all Keystone PVA staff people is to support members in leadership positions.  All full members are military veterans, and most use wheelchairs.  Willing to learn new skills. Understands that education is an ongoing, lifelong pursuit, and necessary to keep up with the changing world. If not familiar with military/veterans traditions, willing to adjust to the attitudes and customs.
  • The Membership and Projects Assistant will have his/her own personal vehicle and be willing to do infrequent “side” trips and errands in support of the chapter, on the chapter’s time and with reimbursement for travel in excess of the trip distance en route to the office or home.
  • The Membership and Projects Assistant will be detail oriented, precise in the execution of duties, always producing professional work of high quality and professional appearance.
  • The job requires (that is: NOT optional!) the ability to be goal oriented and take all next steps to completion of any project, program or task without being prompted.

Working environment

  • Quiet office with two other employees and few visitors.  Employees are capable of completing tasks with little direct supervision but coordinate with one another and volunteers as necessary.
  • Office amenities include free, off-street parking; two rest rooms (one for ambulatory women, one for men/wheelchair users); kitchenette with refrigerators, coffee makers, tabletop oven, microwave oven, dual stainless steel sink, water dispenser and food preparation area.
  • The chapter does not employ a cleaning service.  All employees are expected to keep their work areas clean and uncluttered and to share in minor cleaning tasks such as keeping the rest rooms clean, wastebaskets emptied and trash dumped, recycled materials properly placed in designated receptacles, and carpets vacuumed.

Once on the chapter payroll:
Full time employment will immediately earn sick days (one per month); vacation days (five in the first year, usable after the first six months on the job); provides 14 paid holidays a year; and eligibility after six months for a 401(k) retirement plan that the organization will match up to 5%.   A paid half-hour is provided for lunch.  Starting wage will be dependent on skills of the applicant. A formal performance evaluation will be held at three months, and a performance and salary review will be held at six months.

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