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Dane R Smith, Chapter Secretary and Sports Director

Mr Dave Smith is a key part of the Keystone Chapter’s outreach activities

Dane R. Smith
My name is Dane Smith, and I would like to be an active member of the Keystone Paralyzed Veterans Board of Directors. It would be great to be more involved in the everyday activities of the chapter that assist my fellow veterans in adapting to the spinal cord injuries or diseases that affect them.

Since joining Key stone PVA, I have regained confidence and learned a great deal more about my own spinal cord injury winch was due to a knife wound in the T-l l-T-12 area of my spine, which caused a condition known as Brown-Sequard Syndrome.

The main reason for my interest in service on the Board is to help vets like me with similar injuries or disease and don’t know about the help they can obtain through the very valuable resources of the Paralyzed Veterans.

I have participated in many Paralyzed Veterans-sponsored events, chief among them the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. My performances in the Games in a variety of events earned the “Sports and Recreation” award from the chapter for 2018—thanks to Bull Baylor for the nomination! I attend the chapter’s big annual membership events like the Kennywood Park picnic, the Annual Awards Banquet, and I drive the chapter minivan in the Veterans Day Parade. Í also volunteer at the VA hospitals and attend the chapter’s membership meetings.

So I would like to put my chapter involvement to work from the Board, and at the same time become better acquainted with how I can advance the benefits and mission of the Paralyzed Veterans and the Keystone Chapter to better help people like us —vets!

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